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Mark Abdelmalek, MD

Chief, Division of Laser and Dermatologic Surgery; Associate Professor, Department of Dermatology

  • Practice:Drexel Dermatology
  • Specialty:Dermatology, Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Education: M.D., MCP-Hahnemann School of Medicine
Patient Care

Dr. Mark Abdelmalek is an associate professor and chief of the Division of Laser and Dermatologic Surgery. He completed an American College of Mohs Surgery-approved fellowship in St. Louis, Missouri.

In addition to his training in the areas of Mohs Micrographic surgery, transplant dermatology, laser surgery, and cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Abdelmalek performs a specialized surgical technique used in treating malignant melonoma, a form of skin cancer. He has lectured nationally about this procedure.

Dr. Abdelmalek is an ABC News medical reporter with a focus on investigative reporting and actively contributes to ABC News reports. He is fluent in Arabic.

A certified physician with the American Board of Dermatology, he was named one of Philadelphia's rising stars in medicine in Philadelphia Magazine's 2009 Top Doctors issue.

Awards and Honors


  • Dermatology and Skin Care Technologies
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    (November 5, 2007)

In the Media

"Provigil: The Secret to Success?"
Author, ABC News (July 17, 2012)

"ABC News Investigation: Top Doctor Awards- Are They Always Well Deserved?"
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"New Study Shows U.S. Government Fails to Oversee Treatment of Foster Children With Mind-Altering Drugs"
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"Illegal Tattoo Dangers?"
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"Sunscreen to Have Stricter Labeling to Protect Against Cancer-Causing UVA Light"
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"BP Oil Spill: Hazardous to Humans on the Water?"
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"Gulf Oil Spill: Fishermen Say They Are Sick from Cleanup; ABC News Investigation"
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"Connecticut Plastic Surgeon Shut Down for Dirty Clinic"
Quoted, ABC News (December 18, 2009)

"Skin Cancer May Foretell Cancers to Come"
Quoted, ABC News (August 27, 2008)

"Special Health Care for Congress: Lawmakers' Health Care Perks"
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"McCain Healthy but Cholesterol Concerns Remain"
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"New Medicare Rules Bar Cancer Drugs for Patients"
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"Protecting the Brain with Progesterone"
Author, ABC News (May 29, 2007)

"Is Surgery Through the Vagina 'Minimally Invasive?"
Author, ABC News (April 23, 2007)

Stem Cell Treatment Could Save Patients With Heart Failure
Contributed, Good Morning America (March 26, 2007)

"What Laura Bush Can Teach You About Skin Cancer"
Author, ABC News (December 19, 2006)

"Dark Side of Being Cured of Childhood Cancer"
Author, ABC News (October 11, 2006)

"Wrinkle Treatments: The Good, the Bad and the Useless"

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Select Publications

"Cutaneous and Systemic Plasmacytosis vs. Cutaneous Plasmacytic Castleman Disease: Review and Speculations About Pathogenesis"
M. Haque, J.S. Hou, K. Hisimachi, K. Tamada, C.A. Cusack, M. Abdelmalek, R.E. Brown, and E.C. Vonderheid
Clinical Lymphoma, Myeloma & Leukemia, 11(6): 453-461 (2011)

"Equal Cosmetic Outcomes with 5-0 Polliglecaprone-25 vs. 6-0 Polypropylene for Superficial Closures"
L. Rosenzweig, M. Abdelmalek, J. Ho, and G. Hruza
Dermatologic Surgery 36(7):1126-1129 (2010)

"Use of Latex-free Elastic Bandages to Simulate Flap Mechanics"
I.A. Maher, M. Boyle, and M. Abdelmalek
Dermatologic Surgery 36(1):113-4 (2010)

"Childhood HIV Disease"
M. Abdelmalek, K. Elmer, and D. Elston
eMedicine Journal- Dermatology 6(1) (June 2009)

"Effectiveness of Staged Excisions for Treating Lentiginous Melanoma in Situ"
M. Abdelmalek, L. Abramova, M. Hurt, and G. Hruza
Expert Review of Dermatology 5(3):525-527 (2008)

"Recurrent Chondrosarcoma of the Right Skull Base in a Patient with Maffucci's Syndrome"
M. Abdelmalek and C. Stanko
American Journal of Clinical Dermatology 9(1):1 (2008)

"Diffuse Cutaneous Nodules: A case of metastatic prostate cancer to the skin."
M. Abdelmalek, J. Han, and H. Allen
Archives of Dermatology 143:937-942 (2007)

"Retinoids and Wound Healing"
M. Abdelmalek and J. Spencer
Dermatologic Surgery 32(10):1219-1230 (2006)

"Lamotrigine-induced Erythema Multiforme Mimicking Contact Dermatitis"
M. Abdelmalek, S. Mahindrakar, and E. Wiser
The Journal of Drugs in Dermatology 5(1):763-766 (2006)


Dr. Abedelmalek is an associate professor in the Department of Dermatology.

  • Dermatology
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery
Services and Clinical Interests
  • Actinic keratosis
  • Aging changes in skin
  • Basal cell carcinoma
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Laser surgery
  • Malignant melanoma
  • Mohs micrographic surgery
  • Skin
  • Skin cancer
  • Skin conditions
  • Squamous cell cancer
  • Internal Medicine - Drexel University College of Medicine
  • Dermatology - Drexel University College of Medicine
  • Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Laser Surgery - Laser and Dermatologic Surgery Center, St. Louis, MO
Second Languages
  • Arabic

Primary Practice

Drexel Dermatology
219 N. Broad Street
The Arnold T. Berman, MD Building, 4th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: 215-762-5550
Fax: 215-762-5570

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